Frequently asked questions

Please note that if you submit a support ticket with one of the following questions, your question will be ignored: please read this section carefully first.

Why aren’t you processing my payout now? - Please note that any payout is processed within three (3) weekdays.

Check my task completion one more time, please. - You have special interface button that sends your task to moderation again. Please note that this button can be used only once for a given task.

Give me back my moderator’s role, please. - We are sorry but if you have lost your moderator’s role once, you can’t have it back.

I got penalized - Financial penalties are applied in case your moderation was made incorrectly.

How do I set search engine location? - Please read the relevant section in the Support tab.

Why do I have some amount gone from my balance? - In case moderation was done improperly, you run out of money for this specific moderation activity.

When will my task be moderated? - Please have some patience: all the tasks in the queue for moderation and each is moderated in its turn.

How do I become a moderator? - You need to fulfill two conditions: complete well 200 tasks and apply.

Can I use one WebMoney purse for several accounts? - We are sorry but no, one purse means one account at ProfitTask.